Hopeless Dreamer

Ooc: Hey guys, just dropping in to let you know I have been steadily working on all the questions in my inbox! I’m going to be putting them in the queue so they should start popping up over the next few days!

Well then…

ooc: Well, I feel stupid. I thought I had more answers queued up, but I didn’t. My apologies there. Also dropping in to say that my queue will be sporadic at the moment. We’re shortstaffed at work right now, and I’m also preparing for back to back conventions, one of which is taking place this weekend coming up. I know I haven’t been around to moderate this thing properly for the past while, and I apologize profusely. I’ll do my best to get to all the questions in my inbox, and any that come my way, as soon as I can. I seriously appreciate your guys’ patience.